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    I need some help in deciding if I should buy a new WM phone or make the jump to a BB. Can anyone who is currently using or previously used a WM6/6.1 phone and made the switch to the Storm chime in?

    I am currently using the XV6900 with WM6. This is the Verizon branded HTC Touch. There is no keyboard just like the Storm, so I don't think I will have an issue getting used to this. I also am not a power user for texting or e-mails (maybe a total of 30 texts/e-mails combined a day).

    My main use for the phone is as a phone. In this department the XV6900 has been less than impressive. I have heard pretty good things about the Storm as a phone so I believe I will be happy with the Storm as a phone.

    The next two biggest uses for me are retrieving and sending work e-mails via microsoft exchange server and syncronizing with my internet explorer calender. I have heard from just about everyone I've talked to that BB does this very well. How does it differ from a WM device and which do you prefer for the syncronizing with exhange server and calender?

    There are only two people currently using BB devices in my office. The rest use WM devices. Therefore I would not be using BES as the company does not support it at this time. Will using BIS affect the above answer about the syncronizing?

    Lastly, I need to open attachments (word, excel, pdf) with some minor editing. This area I am uncertain with how well the Storm is able to compare to a WM device. How well does the BB OS handle the microsoft documents and minor editing of them?

    Any insight and comments would be greatly appreciated. I am eligible to upgrade in two weeks and will most likely be going with the Storm or Samsung Omnia. Thanks!
    01-01-09 10:47 PM
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    WinMo gave me a lot of headaches [Samsung i830/Treo 700W], poor reception/connections, limited BT support, lots of lockups requiring reset, no GPS, no push e-mail. These are the reasons that I switched to BB. Not to mention the price differential in data plans....
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    01-02-09 10:51 AM