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    Here is another newbie question. I searched but didn't find anything.

    I have yahoo mail configured from the Sprint BIS link from on the blackberry.com site and the mail comes in faithfully and sychronizes with the server. The Y! icon was created on my device and I am able to access the inbox but none of the folders.

    When I select the "View folders" option from the Yahoo mail, I can only see my corporate (BES) mail folders.

    I don't see any options to define folder access at the Sprint BIS site. Is there something I can do so the mail folders may be accessed from the client?

    My workaround is to go to website using the browser.
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    04-20-08 06:46 PM
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    Same issue here.

    From what I hear, you won't be able to, only "one" box on BES and that's the CORPORATE server.

    The iPhone is the only device that I've had that was able to do this and flawlessly on my yahoo mail.
    04-21-08 08:08 AM
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    My Treo 700wx handles Yahoo IMAP folders very well. It just doesn't handle corporate email as well as a BB does.

    Is is impossible to access BIS IMAP folders and BES folders?
    04-21-08 06:56 PM