1. porsche9527's Avatar
    Hi everybody!

    Got new questions!!! helps needed!!!!

    I was asked by a Vodafone agent about choosing between BIS package and Mobile Internet package. I am an individual user and totally clueless on these things. I found that BIS offers 6MB allowances per month but Mobile Internet offers up to 500MB!!! I was told I can use BIS send blackberry massages for free to another BB user (which is my girlfriend obviously) and gey pushmail services. I am just wondering that with Mobile Internet package can I send the BB massages by using the inclusive data allowances? and the 6MB for emails and daily web news browsing is not enough, apparently.

    Any advice are appreciated!!!!
    09-04-08 07:11 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    I have AT&T, but I believe the BIS goes through RIM servers while the Mobile Internet package is through Vodafone's. If this is true, then you would not be able to send/receive BB Messages through the Vodafone package. BB messenger and push email require the BB plan to work.
    09-04-08 08:48 PM
  3. dolphinguy's Avatar
    From what I read in the Bold forum the 6mb BIS plan is all you need.
    09-04-08 10:15 PM