1. bbmlv's Avatar
    Hellooo I just got a curve and i love it but my brand new phones battery dies in 1 day. is this normal? Should i take it back??

    pls help
    12-01-08 10:05 AM
  2. Chicklet's Avatar
    Give it afew days of recharge. See if it improves. Sometimes it does.
    12-01-08 10:11 AM
  3. trucky's Avatar
    ... and... It's entirely dependent on what applications you have running all the time, how often you have your backlight on, how many calls, txts, bbm's you do in the day, etc.
    12-01-08 10:17 AM
  4. bbmlv's Avatar
    how do i know what apps are running constantly? i used to have a blackjack that would let me view and stop apps i wasnt using. does this phone have something similar??
    12-01-08 10:25 AM
  5. Chicklet's Avatar
    Make sure you close everything after using. Some things like viigo will continue to run and update if they're not closed.
    12-01-08 10:28 AM
  6. bmho's Avatar
    I had a similar problem and it was cause I had AIM continuously trying to run. But the battery doen't really last too long anyways if you use your phone often.

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    12-01-08 10:43 AM
  7. bx2md's Avatar
    welcome to cb .....
    and what chicklet and trucky are correct ...ya need to press the bb button when ur finished with an app and scrool to close or same button and switch app either one
    and as for the backlight go to options>screen/keybord>scrool down to backlight timeout
    12-01-08 10:44 AM
  8. blkbizerry's Avatar
    I thought the same thing when I first got my curve. But then I realized that with everything I'm using it for and using it all day what can I expect from the battery. Its easy to drain the battery because most people don't use it stictly as a phone.

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    12-03-08 04:24 PM