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    I posted this in the Pearl section but it seems to get lost with all the other threads popping up before it and I absolutely hate it when people bump things so I was hoping that since technically I'm still a newbie that maybe I'd get better help in this section instead.

    I've tried searching and I've found some answers but not a lot. So I'm hoping that just creating a whole new thread will help me out!! Sorry if this has all been covered before.

    First I found out during my searches that I cannot import my msn email contacts via desktop manager, it can only be imported via an outlook file. Is that still correct? Or is there a way to get it with the hotmail export file? I can't synch up my msn account with my outlook, something to do with the pop3 server or something, it's an actual msn.com account versus a hotmail one, so I was hoping to find a quick and easy way to get all my hotmail contacts input in my phone. Can it be done with the DM software rather than typing them all into the BB directly?

    When I got my BB they transferred all my contacts from my other phone to my BB but it transferred all funky, if I didn't have a last name on that contact it put the first name in my BB as a last name, left off info, it just didn't transfer nicely. I'd rather not go thru and update every single contact and was wondering if there was an easier way with the desktop manager. I've played around with it a bit but it's confusing and I didn't find anything for contacts while I was playing with it. I'm also not sure what version of DM that I have so I realize that might be an issue as well.

    Does the back up function also save emails and pictures and other media? I don't have a media card yet (it's the plan but I just haven't gotten around to it yet) so I'd like to be able to delete the pictures I have on there to free up memory but I'd rather not sit and email them and then save them and do it all the long way.

    I apologize for my naivety, I'm so new to the BB, love it, but some things are still confusing for me. I've had my BB for a couple months now but I'm finally figuring all it out and getting frustrated when reminders (especially the birthdays) pop up and I don't know who it's reminding me of!!
    11-25-08 05:25 PM