1. Phynix's Avatar
    Is there anyway to block someones number? I really don't want to change my number I've had it for years. Being a "smart phone" I'm hoping there is a way. Can some one let me know asap?? PIN me if you know how PLEASE??? I will forever be greatful! I'm still new at this so I don't need further complicationsm

    Thank you so much in advance!!
    10-06-08 07:50 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    Options / Security / Firewall will allow you to block data messages, but not phone numbers.

    Fortunately, third party software is available for that job. Their is a 15 day free trial to insure it will do the job for you.

    Black & Whitelist - Communication & Internet BlackBerry Software - Crackberry Store

    Black & Whitelist is an application which detects incoming calls and rejects unwanted callers who are blacklisted and allows only callers in the whitelist to come through. You can use address book rule to allow only callers in address book. Block even if the caller’s number is unknown or private number.

    Easily create your own blacklist and white list by add numbers from your contact or any ID numbers from phone call log.

    Whether the caller's number is in address book formatted number or raw number, when you have an incoming call, the application uses smart hashing and matching algorithm to detect, analyze and make the decision whether to reject it or not,. The phone is disconnected in 50 milliseconds and the application disables the buzz sound before the Blackberry device starts to make that annoying sound. The callers won’t even know that they are blacklisted or NOT whitelisted, they will hear the busy tone or forwarded to voice mail, depending on your phone setting.

    PIM, Phone, Carrier Internet and Interprocess communication permission required.
    10-06-08 07:59 PM