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    I posted this in the 8300 forums but havent gotten any hits on it so I figured I'd throw it out here to try and get some help. I honestly dont know how this happened but when I went to move a folder on the main page I somehow screwed up my message settings...I think. All that I know is that my yahoo email works and it also pushes to my normal message box. Previously the two were separated so email went to yahoo folder and mms/sms to the message folder. This isn't the case now. Only the yahoo emails go to the two folders. Now here's the kicker. I found the sms/mms folder icon in my applications folder and all of my messages are going there. Now I downloaded 2 themes today off of blueroomsolutions.com. I know one of the themes has a sms/mms folder separate. Could these have been the culprit. I have since deleted them. The final thing is that my sms/mms messages go to my message box as normal but only if the settings are set to combined. I dunno what to do. I've erased the themes did a batt pull....dont know where else to go other than redownload 4.5 to clear everything out and put it back to normal. Let me know what yall think.



    I think it's doing what it's supposed to do. The only reason the email and sms messages were to be separated was so the new themes could work properly and all the icons would show up on the main page. If not I would've had missin icons with the new themes. Let me know if this sounds feasible.

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    i don't see a problem here. Themes can and DO controll email/messages depending on the setting the theme creator used. That is normal. But changing your theme back to the previous stock theme should revert your inbox folders back to the way they were before you activated the custom theme you installed. I hope this sheds a little light for you.
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