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    So I deal with plans as Im sure you can tell by my username, but I know very little about the hardware. Time to learn a bit. Made a bad purchase (bought a large amount of blackberries for a student promotion (rogers plan) and seems as though the pin doesnt work on half of them ) Trying to figure out how to unblock it

    Ive been using one, and goddamn that sound of email/text goes off all day lol. I feel like....like... an addict.
    09-11-10 08:42 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    If the PIN is blocked/blacklisted or disabled you can not re activate it.

    If it is attached to another carrier you need to get the original owner to call in and have it removed from their plan or account.

    Are these original Rogers phones? Or GSM unlocked ones?

    Are you trying to activate these via their BIS login which they just stopped using?

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    09-11-10 12:42 PM