1. diorxable's Avatar
    I recently got a blackberry curve 8310. On my old phone I would use myxer and they would send me a text message. As you open it, it contains a link and i could choose the GO TO option and it would open my browser so i could download it. When I do it with my curve, I do not get a link (just words) so I cannot select anything like a GO TO. I know it's confusing so I'll show an example:

    Before: myxerdownload929 (it was a link so I could go to it.)
    Now: myxerdownload929 (no link so I cant go to it)

    Can anyone help me what to do? I love myxer and wanna keep using it. Thanks!
    11-09-08 06:13 PM
  2. drgyrl83's Avatar
    Hey I to use mxyer tones. Now that u have a black berry go to Myxer - Download Ringtones and More click on ringtones and search for what u want. Once you find what u arw looking for click on download and the ringtones download directly to your phone! I hope that helps.

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    11-09-08 06:18 PM
  3. diorxable's Avatar
    I don't have an internet plan. I pay for the internet as I use it. It's hard for me to do that bc it would cost me a fortune. Anyone know how to get it to work by text message?
    11-09-08 08:25 PM
  4. smileypete25's Avatar
    Can't you just copy and paste the url into the Go To box in the browser?
    11-09-08 11:25 PM
  5. diorxable's Avatar
    wow that's great. I didnt realize you could even copy and paste. Thanks! My next questions is: how do I get to the section on an ATT phone where I can paste a web address? thanks!
    11-10-08 08:48 AM