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    My 8130 pearl is arriving via Fedex from Verizon today to replace my work phone. I've never used a Blackberry before, only played with the ones my coworkers have. I do not intend to spend tons of time on it, I want to get more out of it than just a phone and email resource.

    1) When you go to google.com, it asks if you want regular google, or google for blackberrys. If I choose google for blackberrys, how is this different than the app available from google I have to download and install? Can't I just use google for blackberrys and add to my favorites in the browser?

    2) Like above, there are yahoo and gmail apps (for example), how are these different than just adding a link to favorites in my browser?

    Is there a list of blackberry friendly links? For example, I visit timezone.com (a watch website). When I go there, how do I know if it is a blackberry specific page loading, or the normal internet site I would get from my computer? I'm sure someone can help clear this up for me.

    Thank you in advance, Crackberry is a great rosource of info so far in my 2 days of looking.
    09-26-08 09:43 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    Wireless Application Protocol, (WAP):

    A WAP browser provides all of the basic services of a computer based web browser but simplified to operate within the restrictions of a mobile phone, such as its smaller view screen. WAP sites are websites written in, or dynamically converted to, WML (Wireless Markup Language) and accessed via the WAP browser.

    Some sites, Google is a good example, support the normal internet protocall and WAP. The advantage of WAP is improved preformance on a mobile device.

    If the site features frames or Flash content, it will not be useable on a mobile device. Often they will provide for a co-existing WAP site for that job.

    The difference is pretty dramatic.

    This site is an excellent example. You can use the regular HTTP site with an Internet Browser or the WAP site with the WAP optimized Browser.

    Simpler and faster pretty well sums it up.
    09-26-08 10:07 AM
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    Welcome to CB, yes yes there is tons of info here
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    This site is an excellent example. You can use the regular HTTP site with an Internet Browser or the WAP site with the WAP optimized Browser.

    Simpler and faster pretty well sums it up.
    Thank you.

    How do I know if a normal site I visit ALSO has a WAP site? Is it typically obvious, or are there links? Possibly it will come up on the blackberry when I go to any page, it will show the wap page as an option?

    Also, back to google, why download the google app, if I can just visit the google WAP page?
    09-26-08 11:07 AM
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    You would see "wap, mobi, .m or m." or something within the address to lead to believe it's a mobile site. Also, in Google you can set up the searches to look up "Mobile Fiendly" sites. This is under the "settings" menu on Google's home page.

    The answer to your second qestions is mostly convience. I have Yahoo! Go 3.0 downloaded on my BB and I use it all of the time. It has built-in widgets (kinda like Vista) and you can personalize it. Very handy.
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    09-26-08 11:11 AM
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    Welcome! I've only had mine 2 weeks so I'll guess if you play with it some you'll be on it way more than you originally suspect! There's so much to do!
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    When you visit a site, the site will recognize you are using a mobile device and direct you to their mobile site. It will save file free memory if you bookmark your favorite place and use your Go To option in the bb browser. It is convenient to have it on your desktop. Google especially -- with Google you can get google maps (great app) and gmail on your desktop. Enjoy your device. I have found that it is habit forming to visit CB!

    09-29-08 01:07 PM
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