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    well i got a pearl as a gift a cpl weeks ago and threw in my att sim. was definatly a change from the razr and nokia 6882 i had been using for the last cpl years. i promptly unlocked it and switched to tmobile for better overall pricing and added the bis service. omg these things r sweet im addicted already. these forums have helped alot in the time i have owned it and glad to see so much support from others. thanks and glad crackberry is here for me to figure out wtf im doin on this phone
    05-14-08 11:56 AM
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    Welcome to BB and CB! You're surely at the right place to solve any of your BB Qs...! And eventually provide answers to other newbies...
    05-14-08 11:59 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.com!
    05-14-08 12:10 PM
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    Welcome! Enjoy your Pearl!
    05-14-08 12:15 PM
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    You are now Family.
    Welcome to the Crack!
    05-14-08 01:34 PM
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    Enjoy your pearl and welcome to CB.

    Bienvenido a casa!

    05-14-08 05:44 PM
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    welcome to cb!
    05-14-08 05:45 PM
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    Welcome!!! They don't call it "Crack"berry for nothing!!! Enjoy the site.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    05-14-08 08:47 PM
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    Hi drivers1492 and welome to CB!
    05-14-08 08:50 PM
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    Welcome and congrats!!
    05-14-08 08:56 PM
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    Welcome to the crackberry family.
    05-15-08 01:47 PM
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    I Love My Freakn ♥pearl♥!
    05-15-08 02:04 PM
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    This is a great site and so helpful for sure
    05-15-08 02:05 PM
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    Welcome to our little family.
    05-15-08 02:56 PM
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    05-15-08 05:21 PM
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    Welcome to CB!!!!
    05-19-08 08:55 AM