1. bayy's Avatar

    (might be a stupid question but...)

    so i just bought an unlocked 8320 originally on Orange but its been unlocked and now i have an O2 sim in it.

    ive tried to set it up wit o2email.co.uk and it says this device is registered with another service provider (Orange presumably)

    then i go to orange and get this message after puttin the PIN and IMEI

    Your device has not yet been registered with the network. Please refer to the Getting Started documentation on how to register your device before you continue. If you choose to proceed with this account setup process before registering your device you may be sent to a BlackBerry service home screen with reduced service features until you have registered your device.
    so question is, if i register this with Orange and i have an O2 sim in it, would it conflict(?) when im trying to browse/IM etc???

    or wud it be fine having the device registered to Orange but using O2 network??

    thanks in advance
    11-10-08 07:51 PM
  2. morales0416's Avatar
    Was it used?

    If so the previous user has to remove the pin from that account by calling orange and releasing the PIN.

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    11-10-08 08:11 PM
  3. bayy's Avatar
    its used but i dont think he registered it with Orange, if it was, then that message shouldn't have really come up should it????
    11-11-08 10:30 AM
  4. hearmeoutx's Avatar
    Have the previous owner call Orange and have them release the pin. Most likely it was registered, and it is a simple process to have the Pin released. As long as he does not have an outstanding balance that is.
    11-11-08 10:38 AM