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    It's my first berry and I know it's simple but I love orange and simple is the way I like it!

    Oh and btw I was an addict from the moment I laid hands on it! LOL. CB has been my source for getting the most out of my fix every day

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    Imagine that! I managed to *** up the image tags on my BB. Had to do this edit from my comp but I'm pretty sure I know what I need to do now to the link the Bucket emails me :-D
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    05-26-09 12:37 PM
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    A belated...Welcome!
    05-26-09 12:42 PM
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    Oh great, I had wanted to post this in the "What does your screen look like?" sticky too but I started a whole new thread.

    LOL POSTING from my BB is somethin imma have to work on lol. If I didn't know any better I would think I was a newb to forums or something. HAHA oh well

    Onward to more berry goodness
    05-26-09 12:54 PM