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    sorry if this has been answered,
    I'm new to blackberries, and even mp3 players if you can believe that. I'm trying to figure out how to play music on the phone. I figured out how to use the synchronizing software. I uploaded a couple of mp3 files. They show up on the pc. I took out the chip and put it in and they appear on the little memory card. I put it back in the phone and go to media. I open the music folder (where I saved them) and nothing shows up. It just has a little folder that says "up" and it goes back to the menu.

    What am I doing wrong. Can someone help me? I appreciate it.

    new blackberry owner
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    09-03-07 08:40 PM
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    I edited your thread title and moved your thread to the crackberry newbies section. It is best to always try a search first, but if that doesn't help, feel free to post your question.

    Since I myself am a newbie when it comes to the newer devices, I cannot answer your question but someone here will help.
    09-03-07 09:06 PM
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    Under Settings/Options does your media card show up, showing the available space on the card, or does it just seem like it is non existant to the BB Pearl it's self, it should be showing the available space if it's reading the card correctly..
    09-03-07 09:15 PM
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    yes, it shows that there is plenty of space. I have uploaded pictures and they show up. Music does not. It is in mp3 format....hmmmmm
    09-03-07 10:15 PM
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    OK...I figured it out...I learned that the files MUST be saved in the "music" folder...I'm so silly. Anyway..it's all good now!
    09-04-07 06:51 PM