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    Greetings, everyone. I just replaced my Windows Mobile device (it was stolen) with a Blackberry device (Curve). Of course the new OS is much more stable and faster, so that is good. I have one rather significant problem: in Windows, if a phone number field has several phone numbers separated by commas or semi-colons, and I selected to dial that phone number, it would automatically dial the first phone number and stop at the punctuation mark.

    Now, with the Curve/Blackberry, all the commas have been translated into Pause commands, while semi-colons are ignored. It means that either I get a series of phone numbers dialing with pauses between, or all the numbers are concatenated into a giant number string and dialing fails.

    So, is there a character to put in a phone number field to cause dialing to stop right there? I can do a global search-and-replace on my computer and then sync, if there is such an answer. Otherwise, my entire database of almost one thousand contacts, many of those with multiple phone numbers, will need complete re-structuring. TIA.
    08-28-08 08:03 AM
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    Hello and welcome!

    Put the different numbers in the different fields provided in the address book. There's no need to separate numbers with any punctuation.
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    08-28-08 08:07 AM
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    Thanks for the welcome. For each organization, I may have 9 or 10 phone numbers; it has worked very well in the past to have a single record per organization (in most cases). I would prefer to be able to continue putting multiple phone numbers in one field. I am just wondering if there is any kind of separator that will be recognized by the Blackberry dialing function.
    08-28-08 09:09 AM