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    Hi all. I'm a Mac user and I'm contemplating switching to BlackBerries from my iPhone. Now, here are several questions that I'm really confused on: I have an MS Exchange e-mail setup, and right now I can push that onto my iPhone, but I'm not sure if we have the Blackberry add-on on the MS exchange server. In fact I don't think we have. Will I still be able to push my email from MS Exchange, if my server doesn't have the BB add-on?

    Next question that I would like to ask is, to my knowledge at the moment, push for Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc runs off BIS, while Exchange runs off BES. Now, is there a way (granted I can sync my Exchange e-mail) to set up my 'Berry so that I can have my Gmail and Yahoo pushed onto it, while at the same time having MS Exchange run?

    Thanks all.

    If it matters any, I'm contemplating the BB Bold.
    01-19-09 06:02 AM
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    Come on now.... no one?
    01-23-09 10:28 AM
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    Well since no one else wants to play :-), I'll take a shot . . .

    I am assuming that you mean corporate email that you are currently having pushed to you iPhone. Based upon that, you may be able to add your corporate email exchange to the BB via BIS. The process for this would be basically the same as with Yahoo! or Gmail follow the email setup icon and you should be on your way.

    Something else that you may want to try if you are seeking the MS Exchange action on your BB is to check out a program by AstraSync called "ActiveSync for BlackBerry". This program would essentially allow similar MS Exchange capabilities with out BES on your phone as a reasonable cost. Aside from that, there are several vendors offering Exchange service for BB. There are several so a quick google search would help out there.

    Regarding your BES question and your personal email accounts, it wouldn't matter, the Yahoo!, Gmail, etc. accounts would setup and function exactly the same.

    I hope this helps and if there are any inaccuracies to those more knowledgable, please do not hesitate to set me straight.


    - E
    01-23-09 11:46 AM
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    So basically, I have an MS Exchange email server, not sure running what version of Exchange, and it pushes fine with my iPhone through ActiveSync. However, it doesn't have the BB server-side add-on, and that's what I meant. Does it work with a BB that way?

    I heard from a friend of mine who happens to be a BlackBerry addict that you can only either push stuff like Yahoo, Gmail, etc, or I can push an MS Exchange account. But I can't do both together. Is this true, or is this a myth? Anyone know in particular?
    01-25-09 03:49 AM
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    I had problems setting mine up and we use a BES. The trouble is I am on a different carrier to my company apparently. I also could not push my work email via BIS or IMAP to my bb for some reason.

    In the end I managed to get it working from Outlook Web Access (OWA) so if all else fails there is always that option if you have it. I also push my private email account to my bb and there is no problem adding multiple email accounts it seems. My work and private emails have their own mailboxes.

    Probably not much help as I am not very technical.
    01-25-09 06:19 AM
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    Gaah... I don't like having to go through OWA though... I know you can push multiple "personal" mails, as my mom does this on HER BlackBerry Bold, pushing Yahoo and Gmail onto it, but then she doesn't have a corporate email, so I have no basis for comparison. If I'd have to choose, I'd choose my Exchange email. Does this mean that I can't have both personal AND work email pushed to my inbox? And does this also mean that I'm dead in the water if I don't use the BES extension on my MS Exchange server?
    01-25-09 12:26 PM
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    Maybe someome else will know.

    Just to be clear. Although I am getting my work emails through OWA I am not browsing to them. They are being pushed through OWA into a mailbox on my bb. I don't see any difference in the way the emails look in my inbox on my bb to the way my collegue receives his to his iphone which is not via OWA.

    Apologies if I am not using the correct terms as I am quite new to all this.

    Good luck.
    01-25-09 04:05 PM
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    Wait... so they're being pushed as well? OWA is "Outlook Web Access..." and it's the interface for MS Exchange to be connected to via a browser
    01-25-09 07:47 PM
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    Wait... so they're being pushed as well? OWA is "Outlook Web Access..." and it's the interface for MS Exchange to be connected to via a browser
    That is correct. I am receiving the messages to an inbox. I am not using a browser to access them. As long as you have all your OWA details I don't see why it would not work as it is working for me when all else failed.
    01-26-09 02:35 AM
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    Wow. Are you subscribed to a BES, or a BIS?
    01-27-09 01:10 AM