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    Thanks every1 who replied to my last post on Themes. I finally got it figured out.. I still have a few more Newbie Questions however.

    How do you send a pic msg without sending to an e-mail .I can't figure out how to send my friend a pic msg to her phone. I tried sending as MMS but it didn't work.
    Also my battery drained out last night, it didn't cut off like most phones, but wouldn't let me make any calls or do anything. I assumed when I put it on charge it would start working, but it didn't. It asked to reconnect connection? Will I have to do this every time the battery goes low?

    Thanks...It's hard being a newbie..
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    09-28-08 08:18 PM
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    well aslong as you have a plan with mms/sms mssgs then you should be able to send pic messgs
    have you ever sent one before ?
    09-28-08 08:59 PM
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    welcome to cb!
    09-29-08 12:36 AM
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    No, I have never sent a pic message before.
    09-30-08 03:34 PM
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    wats the difference between SMS and MMS?
    10-01-08 12:39 AM
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    I am still very new to blackberry, but I think SMS is plain text, and MMS is multi-media (pics, etc.)

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    10-01-08 01:36 AM
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    That's right. Mms is pictures. Sms normal txt message.
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    10-01-08 01:40 AM
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    You'll have to ask you carrier if it handles mms if you're having trouble. You may only have sms. That's all mine has. I don't even have that option on my menu.
    10-01-08 01:43 AM
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    If the battery goes extremely low, I believe the phone automatically kills the radio to preserve some power. Going to the "Manage connections" icon and selecting turn on all connections should make it work again...

    The easiest solution is probably simply don't let the battery get so low that it automatically kills the connections.

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    10-01-08 03:12 AM