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    First of all I am new so I am sorry if I am not posting this in the right place. I have the Alltel BB Curve 8330 for a week now. I LOVE IT!
    BUT......I use to be able to send any ringtone through mms in my media file but that option has disappeared from my list. I could send them out without a problem. BUT now it only gives me the option to send it using bluetooth? Does anyone know what could have changed on my BB?
    I thought I lost all my contacts today and did a backup from my computer, then I finally found the filter was on in my personal file in my BB. Could the backup have changed it???
    Thanks in advance. berryfun
    08-24-08 06:00 PM
  2. berryfun's Avatar
    ooops me! Nevermind! I was having problem with my browser that disappeared and when a post helped me fix that the mms was fixed also. I love this site!!! It has been so helpful!!
    08-24-08 07:05 PM