1. laurah's Avatar
    I've been reading through the manual which is not very forthcoming on the subject except that they call it a "media card" hence I assume that the card is meant for music, photos and videos per the manual.

    I'm coming to the BB from a Windows Mobile device with a 4g SD and a 2g CF that held just about everything so I need some clarification regarding what can and cannot be stored on the BB microSD card.

    Obviously programs cannot be stored on the card. Can ebooks be stored on the card? Wallpaper? Themes?

    Or just "media"?

    (I've got a Curve and am about to purchase a microSD. Depending upon what can and cannot be stored will help me decide between a 1g or 2g).
    06-24-07 10:32 AM
  2. kasperapd's Avatar
    Techinically you can just store media and access it from your device. Now if you want to use the card as a mass storage device, you can put other things on it, but then you can inly access those things via PC when connected.
    06-24-07 04:00 PM