1. ockfish's Avatar
    Newbie------great site here-------got a pearl a year ago but only emailed and talked. Now I have the Bold and I am doing much more and I love the Bold Soooooo much!
    But I am NOT tech savvy. So here is my question ......
    I bought and installed a 4GB Micor card and have quickly put over 500 songs on the Bold (threw my ipod away!!! Ha!) now I want the 8GB card so how can I switch the cards and not lose the 500+ songs on my 4gb card?

    Please give great detail in any responses for I am ignorant.
    Thanks in advance!
    11-10-08 10:19 AM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    The simplest way would probably be to just copy your songs from the SD to your PC using a USB connection. You can then copy them all back to the new card once it's installed and formatted properly.
    11-10-08 10:23 AM