1. adorkablerocker's Avatar
    How long does this light blink for when new messages come in? Because sometimes I grab my BB to look at other things and there is an unopened message and the red light is no longer blinking...am I missing something or going crazy??
    12-15-08 07:34 PM
  2. viasloth's Avatar
    if im not mistaken, i think that can be changed in the profile options like where you set your ringtone and all that
    12-16-08 10:27 AM
  3. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    30 minutes is the blinking time I believe.
    12-16-08 07:15 PM
  4. adorkablerocker's Avatar
    So I guess there is no way to extend this time? I usually put my BB away when I'm at work (gasp, I know) and I don't get to check it until my break or what not, definitely more than 30 mins goes by!
    12-17-08 12:02 AM