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    Meet the Ambassadors of CrackBerry

    Everyday CrackBerry.com is viewed by thousands of guests and members. People come here looking for help, research and often just general discussion for their BlackBerry devices. We have assembled a group known as the CrackBerry Ambassadors which aside from being like you and me are dedicated & knowledgeable volunteers that give back to this great community each day by helping you. We hold our Ambassadors with the highest regard for their participation and helping us achieve the overall goal of making your forum experience the best it can be.

    In the following posts you will find a small intro/bio written by some of the Ambassadors so you can get to know a little more about them.

    Rich Cermele (PKcable)
    Moderator Team Leader, CrackBerry.com

    Tasks/Goals of Our Ambassadors

    • Making new members to CrackBerry.com feel welcome
    • Responding to Unanswered threads and providing helpful solutions to member questions
    • Writing helpful guides and tutorials
    • Ongoing support & participation in various devices and areas within the forums
    • Respect for the community and its members

    How are Ambassadors selected?

    • Picked by Ambassador Team Leader
    • Recommended by CrackBerry.com Moderator
    • Sometimes we even explore members who ask or offer to join the program

    CrackBerry.com Ambassador Staff 1/31/2014

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    Rich Cermele here, Ambassador, Moderator at CrackBerry and the Q&A Team Leader at Mobile Nations. I've been a CrackBerry volunteer since April of 2009, and then all of Mobile Nations as of 2016. I joined the site as a member in 2008, just before the arrival of the Bold 9000 and Storm 9500/9530. I've owned BBs since the 7290, but currently I'm rocking an iPhone 7 Plus as my primary phone and a Google Pixel as my secondary. I also own tablets, an HP Win 10 Tablet/Laptop, and an iPad Pro. Two smart watches, an Apple Watch, and a Martian Notifier.

    During the day I work for the City of Philadelphia in IT. I consider Mobile Nations a second job, even though I don't get paid. I have worked or volunteered online since the early 90ies. I even worked briefly for (boo hiss) AOL, as an Online Guide. I truly love helping people. So feel free to contact me via PM any time, or via my CrackBerry email rich.cermele(at)mobilenations(dot)com.

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    Why does the start of a post like this always sound awkward?

    Name's Shane. Since this post will be here for a while without being updated, I'll say I was born in 1987 rather than trying to post an age and never updating it (but for the mathematically challenged such as myself, that means I'm in my mid 20s).

    Most importantly, I'm a husband and father of two boys and have a third child on the way.

    Eductation/Employment - I graduated from the J. Reuben Clark School of Law in 2013, and intend to be an attorney in Washington State (taking the bar exam soon). In the meantime I develop useful (and occasionally useless) and pretty applications for BlackBerry, and build webpages. My passion in coding is Web languages, especially JavaScript. While my lack of programming background probably irritates the people who I beg for help, I also do my best to pass on the information to other people who, like me, want to develop apps for BlackBerry but don't necessarily have the educational foundation for development (see my github for examples).

    Got my first BlackBerry in 2009 (an 8330m on Sprint) and promptly joined CrackBerry to complain about not getting OS5. Been hanging around then, annoying people with my lack of wit and answering questions that no one asked. I won a 9650 on Facebook in early 2010 (lucky right?) and recently upgraded to the LE Red Z10 from BlackBerry (so I've only actually bought one BlackBerry).

    In addition to spending way too much time on CrackBerry, I'm co-founder of OpenSourceBB, which is a site dedicated to helping new/indie developers get started/noticed.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me here on CrackBerry, hit me up on Twitter (@GShaneC), or check my BlackBerry Channel (mostly Dev related) pin:c0010f429.

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  4. Elite1's Avatar
    Hey all, I'm Elite1 on here. My mild-mannered alter ego is named Noah.

    I'm the Ambassador Team Leader for CrackBerry as well as a Moderator. As one of the original 5 Ambassadors when we launched this team in 2013, I'm excited to see how far it's come and what an amazing group of Ambassadors we've got now.

    I own and run a Loss Prevention & Security services firm based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    At least I do when I have time left after reading and posting here on CB...

    After years of Motorola iDen phones (aka Mike in Canada) and short trial of BB 7520, I got a Curve 8330 in Oct 2008. Found my Stormlike theme on CrackBerry, but didn't actually join CB until July 2009 when I got my Tour 9630. Since then I've used Bold 9700, Torch 9800, Bold 9900, a couple PlayBooks, Z10, and now my fantastic Z30.

    My exciting BBM Channel is C0001F61B. I'm on Twitter as @elite1_ and I'm (usually) good about returning to threads where I've posted, so those are both great places to ask me anything. And of course there's always a PM too.

    I'm very proud to be part of the CrackBerry Ambassador team, and part of Mobile Nations in general.
    See you in the Forums!
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  5. FF22's Avatar
    Okay, I will not post my year of birth - it might scare people off. Suffice it to say, I want all of you young folks to keep working and contributing to my Social Security.

    I've been a BlackBerry user since just before I joined CB. Funny story - I was trying to hack or crack my Verizon 8830WE to get the GPS to work and so searched for "crack" for Berries. Yup that is not what I found but found CrackBerry terrific. I joined in January 2008.

    I'm now on the 9930 and two Playbooks, a 32gig and a 64 gig. I'm not due for an upgrade till the Fall and and since relying on you folks contributing to Social Security means I can't rush into these things!

    In many former lives, I was a diagnotic bacteriologist, a computer programmer and an administrative law judge, mainly land use.

    I have retained my fondness for all things computers and smart phones are a natural extension. For many friends I remain the go-to guy for computer issues.

    When not glued to Crackberry reading and answering questions, I hike, bike and cross-country ski. The pacific northWET is home for the last 30 something years. But hiking and cross-country ski adventures have taken me to many National Parks in the US and Canada and with a few trips to places where my mono-lingual English becomes an adventure in fine pointing - "That, I want that!"

    Having been a CB celebrity already, I will repost that picture (Mt Rainier National Park - I've been to its top once). The image for my avatar is Yosemite National Park's Half Dome (I'm been to its top 3 times).
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    06-11-13 11:49 AM
  6. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Hi all!
    I'm JoMarie (JayDee5799) on CB.com. I'm excited to have been invited to participate in the new Ambassador's Program here at CB. I spend entirely too much time here, either posting screen shots (one of my passions) or in the Off-Topic Forums (go Ramblers!!) I also am seen around the device forums. My 8330 was my pride and joy! A pink Curve got the whole love affair started with me and BlackBerry. Then I moved to a 9650, a 9930 and now a Zed 10!!! (all on VZW).

    IRL I am a high school media specialist and Cisco CCNA instructor. Certified in English grades 6-12, I have taught in public schools for 34 years. My MLS in Library and Information Science led me to my current position and my "nerdiness" took me the route of my CCNA.

    I enjoy music, especially jazz! I am a certified pen freak. I have hundreds, some of them cost hundreds too! I also an a tea snob and enjoy frequenting tea houses. I am a fantasy football commissioner (that's Mz. Commish to you) and have three cats. And a husband. Not necessarily in that order. LOL My SON is the same age as Ambassador Shane!

    Enjoying my stay here at CB and would be glad to answer any questions that I can. Contact me on twitter @jaydee5799 or at my MobileNations mailbox.
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    06-11-13 12:35 PM
  7. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Hi all !

    I'm Antoine from France.
    Born in 1966, I'm an old horse dealing with computers since the Comodore64.
    My main occupation is web related, as a SOHO company owner.

    I felt in the BB culture when I joined the CB Forums, only a couple of years ago (2011).
    My experience starts with the Bold 9000 and I became addicted because of the PlayBook and the QNX promises.
    I'm developing BB10 apps (well ... one, as I write this) and I'm WebWorks Track (HTML5/JS/CSS - BBui.js).
    I try to join any BlackBerry event that's close enough from my location (devCons Amsterdam, Paris) so we might have met there (hint : I'm two meters tall).

    I'm aware of marketing (my academics) and I'm amazed by the "history page" BlackBerry team is writing right now. This lead me about two years ago to start the "I support RIM BBRY and I buy shares" thread, where you'll find me most of the times. (with over 30K posts and 1200+ pages ... it's kind of a half-time job to be the "clown" there !)

    I'm married and have two adorable daughter in the 10-13 yo range.
    And now, in bulk, some of the things I do when I have some time left : cooking, cooking, cooking (no, 3X is no accident !), drums, golf, surf, gardening.

    Ow, 1 last word: I speak English like a Spanish Cow (you've probably noticed it already !)
    So please, read twice before having hot blood; I may sometimes - accidentally - write down somehow the opposite of my thoughts: be kind !

    Peace and let's Rock'N'Roll this !
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  8. Eli_B's Avatar
    Hey everyone! So nice to be here! Allow me to introduce myself.

    My name's Eli and and I was born in 1975 in the wonderful city of Chicago. I grew up and lived there for a better part of 20 + years. In 1996, I went to study in a school in Israel. That was an awesome time of my life. I really enjoyed that a lot. I stayed there until September of 1997. After that, I moved to Columbus, Ohio for college. I stayed in that city until November, 2005. From there, I moved to Brooklyn, New York, where I currently reside.

    As far as work goes... I work in the shipping department of a wholesale / retail candy company. My actual duty is processing the orders once they are packed. In other words, I make sure the box weighs the correct amount, I charge the credit card and print out any gift cards and also the UPS or USPS labels. When needed, I also do some light packing as well.

    I joined CrackBerry in March of 2011, after buying my first BlackBerry, which was an 8530 on Virgin Mobile USA. After a short stint with that, I upgraded in 2012 to a Bold 9900 with T-Mobile. Oh, how I loved that wonderful device. It really served me well, and I learned a lot about BBOS 7.

    Then on March 28, 2013 I made the ultimate upgrade, to my beloved Z10. Ah....what a device! So much to learn, so much to explore.

    Anyways, when I'm not sending out candy and nuts, I like to play some video games (Zelda and Final Fantasy on my 3DS), surf the web, and on occasion do some Judaic learning with some friends of mine. I also started a blog, which I write for on a daily basis (Your Daily Dose Blog). I do that Monday through Friday.

    At this time, I am single..but when that changes, I will certainly update this post to reflect it

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    06-20-13 03:10 PM
  9. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Hello everyone! I'm Zaibun Alexander..aka the Hamster...CrackBerry member since 2010. Born in Africa, raised in Africa, England and Canada, I now reside in the US. Mother to an adorable boy who is my energizer bunny, and of course BlackBerry addict. I don't work at the moment (long story) but used to work for Dell, IBM, and Nortel in sales and marketing. Now running after my 2 kids (1 husband, 1 son) is a tiring job! When I have time, I'm either working out or working on things for my blog, or here. Housework can always wait
    I enjoy movies, the outdoors, cooking, reading, hanging out with family and friends...I've met quite a few great people here and some have become quite good friends, and some I've even met! How cool is that!

    Keep Calm and Berry On!

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    08-27-13 08:40 PM

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