1. rpg299's Avatar
    Recently purchased Blackberry 8830 with Verizon. This is my second smartphone, had Palm 700w. Love the Blackberry so far except the for the Media. I canít get any music downloads to play. My CDís work great. Im using the Media Manager that came with the phone and a Scandisk 2 gig micro SD. I have tried downloading music from Itunes among other music sights. I sync the music to the phone with no problem. When I attempt to play it shows that the song it there but wont play.

    Thanks for any help
    06-29-07 09:18 AM
  2. wkinsomnia's Avatar
    Working as a store manager for Verizon Wireless, over time I have seen difficulty using song converting software to allow you to play it on your phone (and or PDA device), ESPECIALLY with I-Tunes. Some music is copyrighted in such a way that even if your conversion software 'says' that it converted for you, after you sinc your handset with your computer, it will still refuse to play it. I have even seen cases where it will show the song playing on the song timer, but no sound. Your phone will say exactly what format the song and or songs must be in in-order for it to play them. So make 100% sure that is the format that your converting them to before you go ahead and do your whole Library thinking that it will play fine on your handset.
    07-13-07 10:20 AM