1. jmcnutt's Avatar
    Hi, when I open the music and ringtone section of the media player it doesnt show any files, all though I have some music and ringtones in the sd card. But when I open the pictures section it does show the pictures I have in de sd card... what am I doing wrong? Thanks.
    06-07-08 12:06 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    Wrong file format?

    Where and how did you add the ringtones to your device?

    Did you get them from iTunes? If so, then you do have the wrong format.

    06-07-08 12:22 PM
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    And welcome 2 crackberry.com
    06-07-08 12:27 PM
  4. tomvb2000's Avatar
    From the main media screen, try doing menu->Explore->Media Card. That'll bring up a basic file explorer which will show the files on the sd card - even ones which Media Player can't read. That'll at least confirm they are there.
    06-07-08 12:35 PM
  5. jmcnutt's Avatar
    The files are normal mp3s, the thing is that it worked before, with the same files. So maybe I changed some settings or something. And when I do the explore option in the main media menu, the files are in the sd/blackberry/music
    06-07-08 02:22 PM
  6. jmcnutt's Avatar
    thx for the help, I did a battery pull and the media player is working now.
    06-07-08 02:32 PM
  7. fonebrkr's Avatar
    After you add music to the card with usb, usually you need to do a battery pull to get them showing.
    A softreset will do it too.

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    06-07-08 02:55 PM
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    Oh yeah and welcome to crackberry.

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    06-07-08 03:20 PM
  9. tomvb2000's Avatar
    Good to hear it got resolved. I was just going to suggest a battery pull/reset, but you've figured it out already.

    Not sure why the media player does that, but it must initialize itself when you first start it and never looks for updates again. I'm not positive, but I think in OS4.3, you can simply close out the media player and then go back in to force it to look for new files.
    06-07-08 06:08 PM