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    idk if this has already been answered, if so please lemme know but i have a question, i guess more for the moderators than anythin else...
    i understand the 10 posts rule for pm'in ppl...but how come that prevents me from replying to pm's? it didnt used to be like that did it? i was checkin and i have messages in my outbox that i sent but including this message i only have new thread posts...i have more posts than that but only 7 r new threads...is that all it counts when it says posts?
    04-11-09 04:06 AM
  2. vince_in_ca's Avatar
    and i just noticed that my post count didnt go up after i put this one on, still says i only have 6 not 7...but if u go to my profile and hit find all posts it pulls up 18 i think
    04-11-09 04:09 AM
  3. g3kewl's Avatar
    When you post in the social forums they don't count. There's actually a nice little banner right above the link to crackberry newbies that says it doesn't count. I'm not sure if its there exactly because I'm on my cb mobile but yeah take a look. Try helping someone out on another type of forum??

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    04-11-09 04:52 AM
  4. vince_in_ca's Avatar
    That woul makes sense...sux that those posts don't count tho,
    I mean it is a community site and we're gonna be social to each other.
    Its just weird tho cuz I've sent pm's and replied to non-moderators before and never had a proble

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    04-11-09 05:05 AM
  5. g3kewl's Avatar
    Yeah it sucks especially because a lot of the stuff not in the social forums are just as pointless. Haha but yeah I'm not sure about the PMs I have no idea about that policy and what not
    04-11-09 06:19 PM