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    Hi. I'm considering a Blackberry Curve with AT&T but I need some info.

    I'm very fickle when it comes to phones. My first foray into smartphones was with the BlackJack. I liked it, but I hated Windows Mobile and wished it had a touchscreen. So I got myself a Treo - really I wanted a Treo all along. I had been a previous Palm user and loved my previous Palms. I love the Treo. Now again, I'm fickle. Something new is always out and I'm a sucker for it. My next two options are the Centro or the Curve. To be perfectly honest, I could stick with my Treo. There's nothing wrong with it (although lately it won't ring sometimes when a call comes through), I just want a smaller phone and I have an upgrade option through my phone plan. Anyhoo. I was playing around with my friend's Curve and it seemed like a really awesome phone. A few things make me nervous about the switch though 1.) I love the Palm interface. Yes, there are problems - like stability, crappy Versamail, the crappy browser, etc. But really, it has a decent calendar, a task list, memo pad and does what I want it to do. I use my Calendar the most and I hope the Curve's calendar is as useful as my Treo's. 2.) I might miss the touchscreen. Now, it can get annoying when my ear accidentally pushes stuff while the phone is on due to the touchscreen. But I am afraid I'll miss just being able to touch the screen and instantly manuever around my phone. 3.) Outlook syncing. I like the Palm Desktop and syncing with it. I"ve had a hard time getting OUtlook on my laptop. I had groupwise for school and even though I've taken it off my computer, I've had a **** of a time getting Outlook on. I know, that's not a device issue, but still. I want to be able to sync with my computer. 4.) I'm unsure of the transfer of info from my Treo to the Curve. I have lots of info on my Palm on the Calendar - years worth. I don't need some of it anymore but I don't want to get rid of it either.

    Really, I'm just afraid that if I make the plunge I won't like the Curve as much. So I'm contemplating the Centro - but the smaller keyboard seems annoying and I think, really, besides a smaller form factor, I should just keep the Treo. Really, I guess I'm looking for something that is as good at personal management stuff (Calendar, tasks, etc), but that has better battery life, a better brower, easier email use and a system that can support third party software without making using my Treo slow and frustrating. So I guess I wanted to ask if any of you made the plunge from a Treo to the Curve, are you glad you did? What do you missed most about your Treo? would you do it all over again? what are some added advantages you now have with the Curve that you didn't have with the Treo? Any input anyone could give I would really appreciate! Thanks!
    11-07-08 11:06 AM
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    I swapped over from my old trusty Palm Treo 650 to a Curve and it's been easy. The phone has been considerably more stable, keyboard layout took a little to get used to but still good. Camera was a LOT better. Synced with Outlook perfectly before I just went and got on my employer's BES. The lack of a touch screen took some getting used to, but honestly I wouldn't go back to the Treo. My battery life is much better, the phone is smaller and weighs a lot less and the call quality is TREMENDOUSLY better than what I had on my Treo. If RIM would come out with something that's a cross between the Bold and Storm (touch screen with separate keyboard like the Treo) I'd be in heaven.

    Both of mine were used with AT&T service.

    *Edit: Forgot about the other thing I miss from my Treo, threaded SMS. I've gotten used to how the BB does it, but true threaded SMS like on my Treo would be nice again.
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