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    So I got my Pearl yesterday and have been playing with it non-stop, I've checked out the 101 lecture series, read around these forums... In other words, I've joined the dark side into the crackberry world

    Anyhow, now that I'm loving my Pearlie, I am being protective of it (or paranoid, as some may say) I don't even want to take the plastic thing off the phone until I can get a case (and on that topic, which is the best case?) Like I'm afraid that using the track ball too much will cause it to fall out or malfuction (please tell me that this doesn't happen easily)

    So, any tips on how to protect my investment would be appreciated For example, I had a habit of charging my phone every night but I heard that is not optimal for the battery since it only charges so many time. So should I wait until the battery is very low and then charge it or not charge until it completely drains out? What about cleaning it? Basically anything you do to keep your blackberry in tip top shape, I want to hear it.

    Thanks a bunch, and happy Thanksgiving to all.
    11-26-08 12:24 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    You can rest easy on the reliability of the micro switches in the trackball.

    Mechanical Reliability:
    1 million cycles. ...
    A thousand clicks per day, it will last for 3+ years. By that time, you will have accumulated a fair amount of additional wear and tear on the Pearl.

    BlackBerry uses Lithium Ion battery technology. Unlike the older technologies, they do not develop a charge memory. It is safe to charge them at any time without impacting the battery life.

    They do have a life cycle, but the battery life is comparable with the lifetime of the phone.

    There is an issue with charging rates, higher charging current will reduce the life of the Battery. The trade off is a faster charge cycle.

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    11-26-08 12:54 PM
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    I would at least stick with the sleeve that came with it to protect it. And it acts as a holster. You can apply different settings like vibrate and such when you holster it. If you want optimal protection you might want to look at an Otter Box.
    11-26-08 01:19 PM
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    I just got my first bb too, a curve. I got a silicone skin and seems to be protecting it well but then again it is usually on my desk at work or in my bag. I plan on getting a leather holster in the near future.

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    11-26-08 06:49 PM
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    Hello & welcome to the CB family!

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    11-26-08 09:16 PM