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    (A) I purchased an 8830 on Sprint Nextel, Firmware v4.2.2.176.

    (B) I have it activated on a "company" BES with username@company.com

    (C) Then I have a "provider" account on Sprint with username@sprint.blackberry.net

    (D) The "client" where I have my office does not allow personal blackberries on their BES. But I periodically USB synch my calendar, address book, and tasks. I have an e-mail address username@client.com but I do not synchronize my mail.

    (E) I also have a GMail account username@gmail.com and I use the GMail application to access my messages.

    My problem(s):

    (1) Choosing separate Inboxes for Messages and SMS creates a SMS folder and a username@sprint.blackberry.net folder, but my username@company messages (arguably the MOST IMPORTANT messages) are in the generic Messages folder mixed together with all the other messages so I have to hunt for them

    (2) For some reason, my username@client.com account keeps getting hammered with dozens of RIM_bca28a80-e9c0-11d1-87fe-00600811xxxx messages every time a GMail or other Messages item arrives in my Inbox. I can't find any setting anywhere where the handheld, Sprint or the BES would even know that address. It seems to me that these messages should be going to the BES server at username@company.com

    (3) Message Options -> Email Settings -> Message Services only has two options "Desktop" and "username@sprint.blackberry.net" ... I currently have it set to "Desktop" so all my certificates are on the handheld

    (4) Message Options -> Email Reconciliation -> Message Services also only has two options "Desktop" and "username@sprint.blackberry.net" ... I currently have it set to "username@sprint.blackberry.net", but it seems to me that this should be set to username@company.com

    (5) Options -> Advanced Options -> Service Book has username@sprint.blackberry.net and Desktop in the list but not the other accounts

    (6) I have four calendars, Outlook on my home laptop, my client exchange server, my company exchange server, and my blackberry. Before I always used my windows mobile PDA to synchronize all of them. I want to do the same thing with my blackberry. But, I have to keep turning wireless sync on to access my company exchange server and turning it off to USB sync my home laptop and client exchange server. This makes it very difficult because sometimes I'll delete an appointment on my client desktop and when I turn wireless sync on, my company exchange server puts the appointment back on my blackberry calendar instead of deleting it.

    I'm spending all my time straightening out my calendar and messages instead of doing real work. How do I get this working right?
    12-20-07 01:30 PM
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    empower has a bes mailbox separator that costs 19.99 but has a free trial.
    01-09-08 08:08 PM
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    I just downloaded the new 4.5 OS for my 8320.

    When I open up my calendar all my appointments are duplicated. One is Outlook and the other is Gmail. I dont use my gmail calendar and when I choose to view only outlook it solves the problem until i synch again. Is there a way to delete my gmail calendar?
    11-07-08 01:25 PM