1. purplejhayes's Avatar
    Well.. I took Apollo_Creed's (Thanx dude!) advice. I went the 8330 Curve way. This is my first BB so figured b4 I go whole-hog (w/ the Bold someday) I should get aquatinted with BB. BUT...I'm a MAC/Leopard user (also PC but prefer MAC). Can anyone prepare me for some known technical issues? (e.g. sync'ing, downloaing of 3rd party apps etc.)

    Thanx 4 yur help
    09-01-08 10:01 PM
  2. ScandaLeX's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry!! I would suggest checking ot the Mac users forum here on the site. Some people can get their Mac/BB to play well together while many others cannot.

    I have a MacBook, but after all the problems I read around here, I think having a windows PC nearby is almost crucial. Again, check the mac forums; very knowledgeable folks.
    09-01-08 10:36 PM
  3. bjsgarda's Avatar
    Run bootcamp and windows to back up your BB.
    09-02-08 01:37 AM
  4. Mastr0's Avatar
    Hey Purple,

    I've got a mac and a pc. I've got the BB Desktop Manager software running on my pc (for updates, adding removing programs etc) On the Mac, I've tried Pocket Mac but I couldnt get that to work . . the only way I could sync anything (and by anything i mean Media: Music, Video, Pics) was to connect it via USB using the Mass Storage Mode. It works flawlessly for getting anything media related onto the device. . . hope this helps

    - Ant
    09-02-08 02:14 AM