1. Allyson Kazmucha's Avatar
    I've already had a Blackberry before but I'm switching back (I MISS IT BAD!), but when I had it, I had pocketmac which was free, for syncing things, and honestly, it kind of sucked.

    Either way - even if it's a paid program, does anyone know any kicka** programs to sync with a BB? I know the software doesn't work with a mac obviously. I saw a thread somewhere that had some different programs but I don't remember what they were, and I kind of want some actual opinions of people that have used them and what they're feedback is so before I get my Bold, I can maybe do some research.

    The only mandatory thing I want is that it will sync my Address Book from my Mac to my berry. If it syncs iCal events, that would be just dandy too.
    09-05-08 10:05 PM