1. OC84's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Hope you can help me, I have a Bold 9700 and I lost all my contacts!! I dont know if it was due to the recent worldwide problems but I cant seem to find any of my contacts but one only and repeated 4 times. that is all i have in my contacts. The weird thing is that when i receive a call from one of my "lost" contacts I cannot see the name of the person, that is normal if i dont have them on my mobile anymore but after hanging up, i go to calls log and the name of the person who called is there, but yet again not in my address book!!

    i have tried to deactivate any filters, rebooted device, take out and in memory and sim card but nothing works. Hope you can help me !!!

    10-13-11 08:51 PM
  2. sanyacid's Avatar
    I have the same problem today. Did you figure?
    10-20-11 12:39 AM