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    So, here is a little background information:

    I run an Internet marketing business where I am the owner & sole employee. For e-mail, I currently use Microsoft Outlook Live which gets my POP3 & Hotmail accounts. I have my Blackberry set to receive all my POP3 accounts along with Hotmail, as well.

    I've created quite a nightmare for myself...

    I have a Sprint PCS cell phone with 14 months left on my contract (@$40/month). I have a Verizon Wireless Blackberry 7250 with 4 months left on my contract (@$50/month). I have a Dell PC with Sprint Mobile Broadband with 19 months left on my contract (@$55?/month).

    I've listed my phone & Blackberry on CellTradeUSA in hopes of getting those two devices & contracts off my hands. I would list my Sprint Mobile Broadband, as well.

    I'm absolutely in love with the Blackberry Curve. I've been waiting for a device with a digital camera (2 MP or greater), MP3 capabilities, QWERTY keyboard, push e-mail, and more.

    With my newest device, I would like to be able to do essentially what Microsoft Exchange does (from the best of my understanding). I want to be able to read an e-mail on one device and act on it (i.e. delete it) and have that be reflected in Outlook as well. Is there an affordable solution for that?

    I am looking to put together a single solution with AT&T (unless you suggest otherwise) where I get a voice plan alongside Blackberry Enterprise + tethering (to replace Sprint Mobile Broadband). How's the tethering performance?

    So, if I choose to go that route, how exactly do I "get" Blackberry Enterprise & Microsoft Exchange -- I'm not wanting to pay an extra $600 for software, etc.

    Sorry if I'm rambling -- hopefully your replies will allow me to be more specific about certain items.
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    Wow... The Curve sounds like the right device for you, but you'll of course need to get rid of those pesky contract before you take on another one.

    Using BES sounds like the right solution for you, and there are several companies that provided hosted BES. Just do a Google search and several should come up.

    Now as far as tethering, yes it can be done, but you will notice a huge difference. The EDGE on the Curve will be much slower than the EVDO you have been used to. So, I guess you have to consider what you really want. Now you can always get the Curve, and then a 3G aircard from AT&T, but that's not exactly what you were wanting from what I read.
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    I think you should look for a BES hosting company! There are plenty of them out there. I've heard that MailStreet are good, never tried them thought...

    Edit: It took me so long to read your post, looks like Kasperapd beat me to it - LOL
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    Instead of paying for hosting and you feel confortable doing it, you can also download BES Express which is free and comes with a 1 user license and install that on another box. Then as you grow, each additional license is $99.00 to add another user to your BES. I've setup a few companies using this instead of going with hosted solutions and I've only had 1 complaint and that wasn't a issue that I could fix as it was a RIM issue.
    07-30-07 02:19 PM
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    This is an amazing start, you guys.

    So, let me make sure I get this correctly...

    First, I should get BES Express from blackberry web site ending in /select/server/express.shtml).

    That site is telling me I must:
    1. Your email solution is Microsoft� Exchange, IBM� Lotus� Domino� or Novell� GroupWise�
    2. You have Administrator capabilities for your email server

    So, in that case, I'll get the free download. Do I also need to get one of those hosted Exchange solutions?

    On MailStreet, I'll need:
    1) $12.95 Hosted Exchange (Do I need this for each domain!? I have about 4 domains).
    2) $9.95 BES (or use the free one described above)

    As far as the Sprint Mobile Broadband goes, I'll keep that. Thanks for letting me know that the tethered option is not a good one. The savings there isn't substantial...

    You guys are truly amazing - thank you SO much.
    07-30-07 02:55 PM
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    If you go with BES Express then you won't need a hosted solution. You'll be managing your own BES server. This is not for the weak at heart either at times but it's another option.
    07-30-07 03:16 PM
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    Does a BES server (hosted on one's own) need to be "always on?" In other words, do I need a computer dedicated to hosting this "always on" server?
    07-30-07 03:21 PM
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    yes since it's a server that's attached to your exchange server 24/7/365
    07-30-07 05:07 PM
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    daveinchicago, tread carefully, and read as much as you can about BES Express. Once it's working, it great...
    07-30-07 08:11 PM