1. robbiegirl's Avatar
    I purchased the card for my BB 8310 ATT and thought I installed it correctly.

    1) a pop up stating it recognized the card did not come up.

    2) when I went to the options to find it and format it, and clicked on it the message format failed came up.

    3) How do I format the card ? Someone said put the adapter in the USB port but how? I know what my usb port is. I have a little card looking device that came with the media card that says adapter however I do not have any slots in my computer in which to place the card.

    Thank-you as I am still rather new at this.
    12-02-08 07:23 AM
  2. RudeBoy37's Avatar
    The card doesn't go in the USB port, it would go in the memory card slot if your computer has one. If not you can buy a memory card reader at best buy that will plug into your USB port. Then just slide the micro SD card in to the SD adapter and put that in the card reader.

    I could have gotten misinformation, but when I got my 8310 from ATT they said that the largest card that the phone could use was a 4gb. If so, that could be the problem.
    12-02-08 07:32 AM
  3. AssortedHippo's Avatar
    The curve will support 8gp as long as you are running OS 4.5...

    Also, you will want to insert the micro SDHC card in it's proper place, UNDER your battery.

    You can search CB for install guides, and SDHC compatibility with the curve...
    12-02-08 07:37 AM