1. mntn_biker_chik's Avatar
    I have searched forums for this question so I hope I am not being redundent.. I need assistance with a message that comes up when I am trying to load sites on the web.. "Certificate cannot be trusted".. If I say to trust it I am directed to "Keystore password".. Don't know what that would be or if I even have a password?? I believe it is happening with sites that are secure.. Will I be able to see or get into those sites that have this problem or do I just say "oh well"?

    Thanks in advance..
    10-08-08 01:27 AM
  2. Dawg357's Avatar
    Try this link to a post on here concerning your Keystore issue - - go down about four or five posts to Jeff's post - that should answer your question - I hope.
    10-08-08 02:27 AM