1. darks1de's Avatar
    just wanted to say hello and thanks for all the great info available here on the forums
    i just got my 8310 yesterday and im definitely a crackberry addict
    so far ive done:
    "How to setup for max free memory!", so easy to do!
    Downloaded/installed google maps, opera mini, crackberry launcher and jive talk.
    Updated my address book. (Had to individually edit each one since the bb saves each number as work instead of home. I searched and found that to be the default.)
    Organized the icons and hid the ones i dont use.
    Adjusted the ringtones and profiles.
    Downloaded some themes...havent found one i really like yet other than the Dimension Zen w/ my own wallpaper.
    Texted everyone in my address book telling them of my new addiction.
    Hopefully i can contribute to this site in some way.
    Thanks again!
    01-29-08 09:03 PM
  2. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    Welcome to the Wonderful World Of Crackberries!!!
    01-29-08 09:11 PM
  3. Gadgetgeek's Avatar
    Sounds like you're already havin' a blast! Welcome to CB & enjoy.
    01-29-08 09:33 PM
  4. crashovrride's Avatar
    Welcome welcome!
    01-29-08 09:35 PM
  5. cbs2669's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    01-29-08 09:46 PM
  6. cate's Avatar
    welcome to this lovely forum!
    01-29-08 11:46 PM
  7. Solachica's Avatar
    Welcome to CB
    01-30-08 05:00 AM
  8. Bedrock's Avatar
    Greetings and welcome aboard
    02-04-08 09:42 AM
  9. JayT's Avatar
    "How to setup for max free memory!", so easy to do!
    newbie myself.... errrr.... how do u do this? i already did the app installations but i don't know how to maximize the mem.... thanks in advance
    02-04-08 01:17 PM
  10. dacur's Avatar
    welcome! glad you're finding lots of info here. good times, too. enjoy!
    02-04-08 02:00 PM
  11. renegade37918's Avatar
    welcome to the world of crack heads
    02-04-08 02:37 PM
  12. TheAznBradPitt's Avatar
    welcome darkside
    03-16-08 06:05 AM