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    Well yesterday ( 6/1 ) I was up for an upgrade with Verizon, and my Treo 700pcouldn't be happier that it is being replaced. Has to be the one of if not the worst phone I've ever had. 5 of my friends have the Curve, 3 on Verizon 1 on AT&T and 1 on TMobil, so figured I'd join them.

    So just picked up the Curve 8830 for $150 plus $50 mail in rebate. So $100 bucks couldn't pass it up, esp since last night when I was looking on Verizons site it was $200. So the extra $50 in savings just went towards the crackberry shop as I ordered the Freedom Keychain GPS 2000.

    I'm siked I can't wait. Only reason I ordered online instead of going to the Verizon to get it cause the $50 in savings, so got the GPS receiver for 30 bucks, plus the car charger it comes with I could use for the phone so another $30 in savings.

    Just thought I'd post something, now off to search the rest of this site.
    06-02-08 04:13 PM
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    Welcome to CB.com and also to your new addiction.
    06-02-08 04:28 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.com!
    06-02-08 04:30 PM