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    Picked it up yesterday off of a Craigslist ad. So far I have Opera Mini, BBspell, and Beyond411. Any suggestions for me as far os other applications go? Also do i need a video converter on my desktop to put videos on my blackberry or how does that work?
    02-03-08 01:56 PM
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    Welcome to the Black and the Crack!

    Google Maps is a nice app to have. Also JiveTalk is amazing if you use IM, I don't use MSN on my laptop anymore.


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    02-03-08 06:02 PM
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    welcome to the forums
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    Welcome to CB

    Do a search and you would come up with Topics such as this :
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    Welcome Aboard!!!
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    welcome to crackberry...

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    welcome..... don't forget ESPN, Viigo!
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