1. d.covington37's Avatar
    I got my BB curve 8310 yesterday and I'm already addicted!! Today I really dove into it and changed up a bunch of stuff (got a new theme ring tone all that jazz) and have just been learning how it works. My question is if you hide a bunch of apps that you don't use will this make the BB run smoother and faster? Thanks for the help!
    05-04-09 06:45 PM
  2. JBB89's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!

    You can hide some of the icons, but the programs don't go away (of course). This makes the app menu screen easier to navigate, but I have yet to see it make any difference. When in the app menu screen, just highlight an app icon you want to hide, hit the menu key, and scroll down to hide. That should work!
    05-04-09 07:08 PM
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    Welcome to the never ending addiction!

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    05-04-09 07:18 PM
  4. M.Vanderhoof's Avatar
    welcome to the addiction. If you want it to run smooth you need to keep the memory higher than 12mb. Otions>status>file free. You can delete stuff you dont need like the preloaded video, huge mem gain there...be sure to check out the BB 101 lecture series in the newbie section, ton of helpful info in there. and welcome it is great on here
    05-04-09 07:31 PM
  5. limegreenstorm's Avatar
    Question. My file free is 13361087 Bytes. What is that compoared to mb.

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    05-04-09 07:57 PM