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    Hi's to everyone!

    I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Pearl 8130 tomorrow (I'm new to the BB way of life) and I have 2 questions.

    First, I know the size media card I pick really has to do with what I plan on using it for, but what would you seasoned addicts suggest?

    Second, I've always had a folding type phone that is usually in my purse or pocket, so I've never used a case. What type of case would you recommend or do I not need one? Not being a BB user, I don't know how well those displays hold up.

    Many thanks to all who offer advice!
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    05-19-08 09:18 AM
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    I have the 8130 (which is now my backup BB since I got my curve). I used an 8gb media card.

    I have holsters for my BB's. I'm waiting for my Otterbox to be delivered.
    05-19-08 10:04 AM
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    I have a 1 and a 2 gig memory card. So it is really up to you as far as how much stuff you want to have on it. Secondly, I highly recommend a case that locks the phone. Blackberry makes a leather case with a belt clip that when the phone is inserted, it locks the phone, or puts it to "sleep" however you want to describe it. I have an Otterbox for my 8310, and absolutely love it. It is a little on the pricey side(50 bucks) but is well worth it. I took my phone out the other day, and it still looks brand new, and I have had the phone in the case since I got it 3 months ago. So, good luck with your decisions, because there are so many options out there, and on this site. Have fun
    05-19-08 11:09 AM
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    Ok, both of my responses mentioned the Otterbox...that got my attention! I'm looking into it now - Thanks for the info.
    05-19-08 11:43 AM
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    Welcome 2 the CB family.
    05-19-08 01:52 PM