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    But in fashion. For years now I've been against blackberries for almost the same reasons I was against ever getting an ipod. Refused to join the masses, even though now i could probably do without my ipod, i can't do without having a smartphone or pocket pc. Even though i love apple I refuse to to get a iphone for various reasons, of which i'm not going to get into. I really needed to find a way to leave all of Windows behind that means giving up microsoft on desktop and mobile wise. So what happens RIM announces their first ever touchscreen blackberry and it's only exclusive to verizon. Thank God finally a breathe of fresh air, i mean there are alot of smartphones and pocket pc out there, but they all run windows mobile besides the G1 by google. So as I anticipate the storms arrival I wanted to start my research now of blackberry so I can become familiar with the brand and it's workings so i won't be such a newb. Hopefully i can find someone on here selling a curve for verizon and a good price so i can try that also. Oh yeah before i forget i'm saying hello also and hope to have a good experience.
    10-10-08 02:26 PM
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    welcome to crackberry
    10-10-08 02:29 PM
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    Hello & welcome to the CB family! Enjoy your ride
    10-10-08 02:59 PM
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    enjoy the kool-aid and welcome to crackberry!
    10-10-08 02:59 PM
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    Hello, and welcome!
    10-10-08 03:01 PM
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    You say "cult" like it's a bad thing. Have you tried the Kool-Aid?
    10-10-08 03:23 PM
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    Welcome to the Crack.
    10-10-08 03:35 PM
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    Welcome aboard! I'm sure you can find all the info you need here!
    10-10-08 03:47 PM
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    Welcome to the Crackberry nation.
    10-10-08 04:00 PM
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    thanks everyone!!! i don't know if anyone here is familiar with windows mobile devices and how you can customize about anything on them. I need a extensive list of everything you can do with a blackberry. This may not be of any use seeing how the storm is going to be closer to windows mobile devices as far as functionality goes. Any help would be appreciated
    10-10-08 11:32 PM
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    I am using a Curve after coming from the MOTO Q9. The BB Curve is just soooo nice to use compared to Win Mobile. You don't have to drill down nearly so much to get things done. It is fast and stable, something that winmobile is not all of the time. The only thing that I miss is Docs to Go on the BB but that has been updated and you can now use that on the newer Bold, Storm etc. So overall the Blackberry is much more useable for me and cannot wait to get the Storm. And yes Blackberry is very customizable.
    10-11-08 01:58 AM
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    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!!
    10-12-08 08:57 AM
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    Glad to have you. Welcome to the addiction that is Crackberry!
    10-12-08 01:23 PM
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    You have no idea what you are getting yourself into. None of us have used a Storm as yet so don't know much about it really. But am very sure you will be much happier with it then any windows device out there.
    10-12-08 01:36 PM
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    Welcome aboard!

    And I don't have an ipod either.

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    10-12-08 01:46 PM
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