1. Bigdadarito17's Avatar
    Still somewhat new to BB, but i have a question that i can't figure out.
    I downloaded some songs from Itunes and i want to transfer them to my memory card in my BB. It says that they are there but they are mp4 (protected) and they don't show up in my playlist on my BB. Did i do something wrong or do i need to do something different to get them to a different format or possibly get them unprotected?
    Sorry if this is a newbie type question.
    09-27-08 03:29 PM
  2. Pete6's Avatar
    Apple uses a particularly restrictive sales practise called Digital Rights Management (DRM). This prevents you from playing the tunes that you have paid for from being played on any device other than you own iPod.

    There are two ways around this:

    1. write the tunes to a CD from iTues and then rip them back to an MP3 which will then play on any player you wish fo ever.

    2. Buy a piece of software like DRM converter software. Converts iTunes, Napster, etc files - legally. I have never tried this but I am told that it works.

    You are doing nothing illiegal by removing DRM so long as you do not share your music files with others.
    09-27-08 03:36 PM
  3. Bigdadarito17's Avatar
    Thanks, i will try the 1st option.
    Thank you again for the quick response.
    09-27-08 03:42 PM