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    I just got my Curve 8310 last Saturday and thanks to all the information I've gathered from everyone here, I've optimized the memory, downloaded some apps., so "thank you" for that help.

    Here's my problem. This morning at 5:00 am, I get an alert on my BB. I don't know if this has happened before because it's not usually in my bedroom. I checked it and there were no new messages that I could find. It wasn't the alert I have for my SMS messages. It happened again about 8:00am, too. Still no new messages, etc.

    Does anyone know where I can look find out where this came from? I would like to prevent it from happening again. 5:00 is too early for me. I don't think it was my calendar because I don't use reminders and I know I didn't have anything scheduled for 5:00 am.

    Thanks in advance.
    04-01-08 11:09 AM
  2. scotts11's Avatar
    your bb is haunted haha
    04-01-08 11:14 AM
  3. drumdog00's Avatar
    Do you have a chat application or the Facebook application on you phone? Thise don't show in the messages tab.

    Also, I remember when I first got me pearl and everytime I got am email or alert and it buzzed during the night. Man those were the days. My wife just loved being woke up to a new message that she about killed me (I can sleep though everything). Then I discovered the auto on/off function. This may help you with the 5 am wake up calls.

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    04-01-08 12:07 PM
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    Welcome newbie...
    04-01-08 11:27 PM
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    Welcome and enjoy...
    04-02-08 12:55 AM
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    do a battery pull then lets see if it happens again. welcome to cb
    04-02-08 03:01 AM
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    Hi and welcome.
    04-02-08 03:31 AM
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    Welcome to CB!
    04-02-08 06:20 AM
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    Don't let your berry get possessed by an evil spirit!
    Or any angry spouse

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    04-02-08 06:23 AM
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    Welcome aboard and I hope you got things under control.
    04-02-08 08:11 AM
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    Welcome to CB Newbie
    04-02-08 09:16 AM
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    Welcome to CB!!
    04-02-08 09:24 AM
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    kinda remind me of the 3.00 am political ads. LOL :-)
    04-02-08 08:38 PM
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    Welcome to CB
    Gremlins in your BB ?

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    04-02-08 08:43 PM