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    I picked up my 8330 yesterday and have successfully installed MidpSSH for ssh access to my personal server. I use iptables to filter ssh access via IP address. Through some testing I've noticed IP changes after two occasions: after turning the device off and on again, and after removing and replacing the battery.

    Are these the only types of situations that will cause an IP address change, or can I expect IP changes under other scenarios?

    Thanks in advance for replies.
    10-08-08 09:33 PM
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    Seems like most users are avoiding your question at first I did too because your using some apps that most people including myself are not to familiar with and I am assuming your running Linux. But anyway my answer goes back to basics, your router is probably set to DHCP, when you turn off your BB and turn it back on the router does what its suppose to do and assign it a random IP address within the range of the router.
    10-08-08 10:50 PM
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    Thanks for the reply Farmermark. I agree that an ssh app may not be on many users list of must haves
    I'm guessing you're correct in the reassigning of the IP after reboot. I was just wondering if the BB had any type of internal cycle that may cause an IP change instead of a DHCP lease refresh. I'm not sure what that would be needed for, but I'm a complete newbie to BB so I figured I'd ask
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    10-08-08 11:11 PM
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    I doubt if anything else would make your BB request a new address. Not sure what the concern is but if you are the server's administrator guess you could always assign static addresses as you do on a network and then the IP will remain unchanged.
    10-08-08 11:38 PM