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    I just got my BB (Pearl 8130) and I've got my email set up and I'm getting them just fine but I cannot send any out, it gives me this error message "no message services configured, you will only be able to save draft" what do I need to do to get that fixed? I'm assuming that I messed up somewhere setting up my email or maybe it's a MSN error, my email address is an MSN account from years ago. The guy at the store helped me set all that up (well actually I set it up while he was on the phoen with CS since their systems all went down) but I get all my emails just fine. I want to fix this, any suggestions?
    09-22-08 04:06 PM
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    Welcome to CB. Congrats on getting a great phone.

    Try going into options->advanced options-> host routing table. There will be a list of numbers, cluck on the first one then click register. This will push all the info back to your phone. Hope this helps you.

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    09-22-08 04:11 PM
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    I tried the first one and it still gives me the same message, do I need to register them all?? Or just register until I find one that makes it work?
    09-22-08 04:44 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry
    09-22-08 08:10 PM
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    Thanks! I actually got it working last night, not sure what I did but it works so I'm going with it
    09-23-08 04:47 PM
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    09-23-08 04:49 PM
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    Congratulations on your Pearl and welcome to Crackberry
    09-23-08 04:52 PM
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    Hey, welcome to crackberry! Glad your email problem fixed itself?! ha.

    09-23-08 07:14 PM
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    09-24-08 05:36 AM
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