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    I am a brand new BB user - just got a curve 8830 last night. I can't figure out how to browse the internet (I am with verizon) - I click on the "browser" icon and then the "connect" icon but it gives me only 5 or so website options. Verizon did give me a VZaccess Manager cd- but do I need to use this? I thought a browser was already loaded onto the BB! ???
    10-11-08 01:00 PM
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    Click on the Globe Icon to launch the browser.

    You can visit mobile sites (WAP) that are sites made for mobile phones. These will load and navigate much faster than full web sites.

    A lot of sites have mobile sites as well! Here's a few links to get you started:

    Mobile Websites - Cantoni.mobi

    If you know the address of the site you want to visit click the menu button, then GO TO. From there you can type in any address www or wap. Some full sites may load slower. Try typing: wap.crackberry.com

    Make sure your browser is configured properly. While in browser:

    Browser Configuration

    Make sure all the boxes are checked. The emulation mode is set to Blackberry.
    Content mode set to WML & HTML.

    There are so many mobile sites to enjoy! From CNN to Papa John's to Amazon and eBay!
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    awesome! thanks!
    10-11-08 01:27 PM
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    awesome! thanks!
    you're welcome and welcome to crackberry!

    make sure yuo get the Crackberry Launcher for your berry! Go here on your Blackberry:

    Then click on:

    Install CrackBerry.com BB Launcher
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