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    I get my gmail using imap/push. When I read mail on device, it marks it as read in gmail. Is there a way to have it work the other way? When I read mail on gmail (or in outlook), that it will mark it as read on device? It is annoying reading mail at work all day, then having to go to BB, and mark all the message that have collected as read. Plus because indicator light is always blinking, I never know if I have actually missed an actual SMS or PIN message.

    Is there anyway to fix this? Do other IMAP servers work better?

    01-12-09 03:15 PM
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    It sounds like Yahoo can do the 2 way sync, but it doesn't offer imap, which I need for checking mail at home, and at work... unless I just used the web client at home...

    Then again, yahoo won't do my domain email, so it is probably out...

    I wonder if I just forwarded everything to yahoo accounts, and had my reply-to as gmail account, then only used the yahoo accounts for now, until gmail sorts their **** out.... anyone doing this? Or forsee any headaches?

    01-13-09 09:34 AM
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    I have two email address. One straight up gmail account, and the other is a gmail hosted account (mydomain).

    I have solved the problem for the pure gmail account. i set it to forward all mail to a yahoo mail account, and then change my BIS settings to get the yahoo mail. 2way sync works perfect with yahoo mail.

    I think I'll use it for a few more days to verify and then do the same with my domain email. It is too bad that yahoo doesn't have free domain mail hosting like gmail, though $35 isn't that bad...

    I actually like the yahoo web interface, even if it isn't as minimalistic as gmail. But if Gmail gets two way sync working, then I can just stop the forwarding.

    01-13-09 09:58 PM