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    As the title says. I love the new pearl and I want one in the worse way. If I can get one I will probubly get the phone off Ebay or Craiglist or something. Problem is that I don't want the $30 a months data plan. I have my reasons why. I have been looking for info about it and I'm getting mixed results. Some people say you have to have it, some say you don't, some say you can trick the carrier into not making you. I have Verizon, I like the service, and would rather stay with it and not get a BB. That being said does anyone know 1. if I can 2. if I can't or 3. do I just have to be sneaky about it. I also remember soon after BB came out they were nearly shut down because of requiring this data thing, and they had to stop forcing people to do it, anybody know?
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    Not sure on Verizon, but on AT&T you don't have to get the data plan. My wife used a pearl for a while without the data. At the time she just didn't get as much of a rebate. I know it doesn't help you on Verizon...just my $.02
    01-31-08 08:20 PM
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    just some thoughts that might be helpful:
    i know some people with T-mobile who have BB and are NOT required to have a data plan. they only use their BB for organizational features.

    With Us Cellular (what i have) you are REQUIRED to have a data plan when you purchase your phone. they will not sell you the phone unless you get the data plan.

    so i guess if you just do your hmwk youll find what youre looking for
    01-31-08 10:37 PM
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    I wonder if I do it over the phone, and I say that I'm switching to an old phone because I lost mine or something if I don't tell them that its a BB I have the same texting and voice plan features on the BB
    01-31-08 11:15 PM
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    Its worth a shot. That's def something I would try. What can you lose?

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