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    Hey just wanted to say I'm new and this is a great site so far, very informative. Just got my first BB, a curve 8900 4 days ago and have got a hybrid OS installed and gotten lots of tips and apps suggestions from crackberry

    So thanks for all the great info


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    02-24-09 01:56 AM
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    02-24-09 02:20 AM
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    Just signed up today.

    Found your site...thank god...just searchin around.

    BUT, what got me to sign up to your site, was a post I stumbled across, about a "Flashlight" on the BB Torch, which I just upgraded to. I been lookin at Flashlight apps...all day.

    Came across your site, and, while lookin thru the posts, before I signed up....came across a post that said..."Put your 9800, in Video mode...and hit the spacebar."

    HOLY CRAP!!! The Flashlight came on!!!! I don't NEED no APP!! With such great info as this....I signed up to your site IMMEDIATELY! Just wish I could credit the person that posted that "Trick". MADE my Whole DAY! Glad to be a new member, and hope to be able to contribute.
    09-17-10 10:53 PM
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    welcome to crackberry!
    09-17-10 11:00 PM