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    My office voicemail sends me an e mail(with the voicemail in an attachment) each time I receive a message at work. Problem is I cannot open it on my Blackberry. I know how to open an attachment but it will not open these specific attachments. My Blackberry is giving me the error unrecognized document format when I try to open the attachment. The e mail from my office says "This is a voice message. You will need an MP3 player to listen to this message. You can use either Winamp from winamp.com or Microsoft Media Player from microsoft.com". I admit I am an amature but when I try to download either of these on my Blackberry they error out. Is there another product I should be using with my blackberry to open the attachments? Also admitting I don't know much doesn't my Blackberry have a built in MP3 player and shouldn't that play the attachment I am trying to open? OK all you experts I need some help. I use the Blackberry curve. The 8330. My carrier is Att. As far the the OS version I don't know??
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    If you want the experts to help you (no, I'm not one), you at least need to meet them half way.

    What device do you have, what carrier are you with, and what is your phone's OS version?
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    You can find out the version of the OS by pressing alt+shift+H. I just tested an mp3 attachment on my 8330 (OS beta). I get the option to preview or download and open when selecting open attachment. I chose preview and it played the mp3 I sent myself.

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