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    Sorry everyone, but I'm a completely new BB user. Not only do I not know how to use this thing, but I'm an American living in Germany, so the user manual is all in German. I know some German, but not enough to know what it says. I've read through a manual that I downloaded, but it doesn't seem to give very specific information to someone as new to this as I am.

    1) Where can I go for the most basic of user manuals, that will explain all of the acronyms and features that everyone is so used to having?

    2) Since I'm in Germany, they charge differently here than back home. Right now and until the end of August, I get to use the internet browser for 10 minutes and pay 9 cents (Euro cents). After that, it will be 9 cents per minute. My question is Does "pushing" (which I still don't quite get) email to the BB use internet time? Can I read these emails without the internet, since I'm not using a browser?

    3) How easy is it to set up a BB email account? I tried to set it up through my phone, but no luck. I guess I need to set up the Desktop thing on my PC before I do this. However, since I just bought a new Mac laptop and will be receiving it in the mail soon, I thought I would wait until I got it to load the Desktop what-not.

    4) I'm so new to this that I can't set up my Outlook. Yeah. I've tried it before, but it's never worked for me. I don't understand how to have Yahoo or whoever forward my email to Outlook. (I TOLD you I was new!!)

    Any help would be great. I've looked around this forum to find answers, but the answers I found were very hard to understand. I might as well have been reading the user manual in German! Thanks for any help!!
    06-20-07 09:40 PM
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    1. You can probably find a manual for your specific phone at Blackberry.com, if you leave the model number I'll find it for ya.

    2. Pushing- Linking any e-mail account to your Blackberry, so when someone e-mails you it "pushes" a copy into your blackberry. And yes, that uses data on your phone. Once the message comes to your phone it doesnt take time to read it, however, most companies charge by the kilobyte, sooooo the bigger the message, the more money it costs. Most carriers have unlimited plans, which is what most of us have. Verizon's is $44.95 a month

    3. Depending on your phone model, it is very easy to set up an email account, i.e. I have yahoo mail and I had to pay extra for the service for POP email. Screw you gmail people :P. "POP" is a message format by the way, you need to have that to get e-mail on your phone. My 8830, has like an out of the box setup thingy so it made things super easy. There are different steps for different models so....

    You need to leave your phone model, so the vast amounts of experts here can help ya out
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    06-20-07 10:48 PM
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    Thanks for the explanation. I have a BB Curve. Also, a friend of mine was trying to send some ringtones to me through Bluetooth, but couldn't. She set it up for me, and turned on the pairing and enabled the...whatever it is that you enable. I could "see" her phone, but her phone (a RAZR) gave her a message that said that it was not supported. She transfers ringtones to her phone often, so we didn't know what the problem could be. Any ideas? I'm still stuck using the original ringtones that came with the BB.

    Lastly, on the data plan subject, Germany does things a bit different. They don't offer unlimited anything, not even minutes. There's no such thing as Free Nights and Weekends or anything like that. And the woman at the TMobile store told me that paying by the minute was the only way to have internet. I saw an option for paying by the MB, but it wasn't offered to me. I'm going back to the store tomorrow to ask about that. Thanks again for all your help!!
    06-21-07 07:53 AM
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    Here is your user guide, not in German!


    The e-mail setup should be in there.

    And ouch, no unlimited use plan. OUCH
    06-21-07 12:29 PM
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    Hey, thanks sooo much for that link. Although I still feel completely stupid when it comes to this thing, I'm hoping that I will eventually learn how to use my BB Curve. Thanks again!
    06-21-07 01:33 PM
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    No prob dude

    Communities like this are the future of customer service!
    06-21-07 05:58 PM
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    When you figure out blackberry messenger add me!

    My pin is in my avatar
    06-21-07 05:59 PM